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Here's how it's played:

-----=] IMPORTANT UPDATE! [=-------
Rule Addendum: TURNING
If the last two dice played have made the line move forward (crosses
or straights), then the next move MUST turn the line right or left.
This does not count passing through a cross to the other side.

We are currently selling 2nd Edition sets
(2nd Edition come in their own case, but are not signed or numbered)
If you live in the US, you can buy a copy, via PayPal, for $20 ($15 + $5 S/H):

Line Dice can be purchased at one of these fine local Chico retailers for around $20:
Made in Chico
The Creative Apple

If you live elsewhere in the World, use this button. Due to the high cost of shipping, a set of Line
Dice will run $7.50 more, or $27.50 total. ($15 plus $12.50 shipping)

Also available in a limited run are the new "Snowy" Edition of Line Dice.
If regular Line Dice are like a road at night,
these are like a Road after a snowstorm.
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Here's a Run-Down of the Rules:
Line Dice Rules (In English)
Line Dice Rules (In German)
Line Dice Rules (In Spanish)
Line Dice Rules (In Portuguese)
Line Dice Rules (In Brazilian Portuguese)
(Other languages will be provided as I find help to translate.
Want to help translate? Let me know on the Line Dice Facebook Page!)

If you need to contact me, for questions or problems
Private Message "MaxSMoke777" (that's me) on Boargame Geeks

If you'd like to discuss your experances with the game with other Line Dice users,
please visit the Boardgame Geek's Line Dice Forum

For additional fun, try one of the user-created The Extended Rules Sets

And check out our Facebook page: Line Dice Facebook Page

If you are a existing Line Dice owner and want one of those spiffy dice cases?
You can get one within the US for $5
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Need replacement dice? They are 25 cents each, plus $3.50 S/H. Contact me on Boardgame Geeks
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