It's a game about working at an office, you can *play* at an office!


Office Life is a quick, satirical card game for 2 to 6 players,
ages 10 and up. It takes roughly 3 minutes per player.

In the game you construct a reputation from "Attribute" cards:

Are you the Kiss up?
The Hardworker?
Mr.GQ, dressed for success?

Who are you going to pretend to be this time?

After you establish who you are, with the cards you've been dealt,
you roll a 6-sided die to find out who the new boss is:

Is he/her a no-nonsense, get the job done, kinda person?
A flighty airhead who only likes the pretty people?
A needy egomaniac that only desires the adulation of others?

What is the new boss going to be like? WHO KNOWS?! Do you ever in
the real-world?? Management is hired and fired in the corporate world
all the time. And these are the people you depend on to make a living??

After the boss has been discovered, you quickly modify your reputation
with a couple more cards, and then spend the rest of the game appealing
to the boss and sabotaging your fellow workers. This game condenses years
of underhanded office politics in just minutes of gameplay. Back stab,
lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top, baby!

And when you become the CEO, fire everybody else!

Here's a few gameplay demos to give you an idea of how the game goes:

(This video is presented by the former Presidents of the United States! ...kinda)

(This is a gameplay demo I did with my family)

You can order a copy of Office Life for $10.
(You'll also need One, 6-sided die and 3 dimes.
I trust you can find those things on your own. lol)

If your order is within the United States, shipping is $2.50 ($12.50 total)
You can order it here:

If you need a copy shipped outside the US, the shipping and
handling is $12.50 ($25.00 total). You can order it here:

coming soon...

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